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The Danish consumption of organic food on a continued rise

11.05.2017  09:24

The Danish consumption of organic food is sending a very clear signal that Danes want a food production system which preserves the nature and environment by using fewer chemicals. In sum, 334,900 tons of organic commodities equivalent to a value of approx. 1,500 billion KRW were sold in 2016. This development increased the organic amount of total food sales in Denmark to 9.6 %.

Milk, cheese and eggs are still the most popularly consumed organic commodities as they account for almost half of the total consumption. However, vegetables make up a larger proportion of the organic food consumption, as the sales of organic vegetables increased by 26 %.

Furthermore, Denmark and Korea signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2015 on strengthening the cooperation within the industries of organic food production. The increase in organic food consumption experienced in Denmark the last decades can serve as example for the further development of the organic production industry in Korea.

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