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NATO Secretary General visits Korea

03.11.2017  09:14

As NATO’s contact point embassy, the Embassy of Denmark in Korea assisted the planning and execution of the visit. The Embassy played an important role liaising with NATO headquarters and the Korean Ministry for Foreign Affairs and National Defence. The Embassy worked on the meeting between NATO and the United Nations Command Commander General Vincent Brooks and a roundtable conference with leading Korean international security experts at the ASAN Institute for Policy Studies.

During his visit, the Secretary General met with President Moon Jae-in and Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha. Here, the parties agreed on a new, stronger partnership that will increase their common focus on non-proliferation, cyber security and counter-terrorism.


The Secretary General’s visit was concluded with a press conference co-arranged by the Embassy of Denmark. Here, he stressed the fact that North Korea’s nuclear and missile programme not only poses a threat to neighbouring countries, but also to NATO Allies in Europe and the US. The Secretary General made it clear that NATO has the capabilities and result to respond to any aggression, and that it is NATO’s priority to solve the conflict on the Korean peninsula by peaceful means such as political and diplomatic sanctions and efforts. The main message was that global threats demand global responses. Therefore, he welcomed the new partnership between NATO and South Korea, which will lead to increased cooperation on common security threats. Read the full transcript of the press conference here:

Photo courtesy of NATO.