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Embassy of Denmark in Seoul hosts DELICIOUS DENMARK events

20.10.2015  04:59

Following the fruitful Nordic Food and Beverage Promotion co-hosted with the respective embassies of Finland, Norway, and Sweden earlier in September, the Embassy of Denmark kicked off its second food event with the “DELICIOUS DENMARK” cooking class on 30 September and 15 October at the Mad og Hygge cooking studio in Seoul.

Danish Ambassador Thomas Lehmann attended the first class, not only giving the guests a warm welcome but also personally guiding them through the process of making Danish open-faced sandwiches (“smørrebrød”), a traditional dish that is still very much popular in the Nordic country today, paired with Denmark’s Carslberg beer.

Co-hosting the event was Dane Anne Katrine Salling, CEO of Mad og Hygge. The aptly named Scandinavian cooking studio (meaning “Food and Cosiness” in Danish) helped provide guests with the chance to experience Danish home cooking as well as “hygge” – a unique concept that can be roughly translated as “the cosy atmosphere and warm feeling of enjoying the small but good things in life usually with others”. Gathered around the table enjoying old-fashioned apple cake with Danish butter cookies for dessert, engaging in a free flowing conversation about Denmark and other common topics of interest with candle light adorning the white table provided the guests with a taste of hygge.

DELICIOUS DENMARK will be held twice more at the end of October at Daelim Museum with a Danish chef where guests will be able to experience trendy Danish food and design.

See more photos of DELICIOUS DENMARK here and here.