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Korean-Danish distribution agreement signed between Robocare Co., Ltd. and Melvin ApS

22.09.2017  08:18

(From the left) Robocare CEO Seongkang Kim, Danish Ambassador Thomas Lehmann, and Melvin ApS CEO Lasse Thomsen at the Distribution Agreement signing ceremony held on September 19th at the Robocare office.

There has been a long lasting cooperation between Aarhus Municipality's Center for Assisted Living and Robocare Co., Ltd. to take preventive measures through cognitive training for elders suffering from dementia as well as children diagnosed with ADHD. As a part of the Framework Agreement between Aarhus Municipality, Melvin ApS and Robocare Co., Ltd., Melvin ApS visited Korea to sign the Distribution Agreement with Robocare Co., Ltd. on September 19th, 2017.

The collaboration comes after many rounds of discussions and negotiations among the parties involved, and stipulates the terms and conditions into binding documents. As a result, Melvin ApS would now have the exclusive right to distribute Robocare Co., Ltd.’s products in the EEA/EU, Australia, and Canada.

The Distribution Agreement signing ceremony was held on the 19th at Robocare Co., Ltd.’s office with the participation of the Danish Ambassador to Republic of Korea, H.E. Thomas Lehmann.