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New Danish app improves doctors’ ability to treat patients’ pain

11.07.2017  07:58

As the first evidence-based clinical system for visual pain communication between patients and doctors, the app ‘Navigate Pain’ enables doctors to save time and improve their treatment of patients by studying the symptoms provided.

The app is easy to use, allowing users to describe or update their symptoms using simple graphics on portable devices. The visualization of pain makes it easier and quicker for doctors to analyse symptoms and recognise patterns of pain progression. This saves times and prevents misunderstanding, says Shellie Boudreau, Associate Professor at Aalborg University and the creator of Navigate Pain.

The app-based system was originally developed as a research tool, but with the identification of potential real life health application, a company was founded to bring the system to the market. Before the system was launched for commercial use, it was tested in more than 60 clinics, hospitals and research settings.

Read more about the system here:

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