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Leading Danish drone research institutes to participate in Drone Show Korea 2018

25.01.2018  06:16
Innovation Centre Denmark from the Embassy of Denmark in Korea is participating in the Drone Show Korea 2018 held in BEXCO, Busan from January 25th to the 27th. Renowned Danish drone research institutes will join the embassy in hosting the Danish Pavilion, including the Alexandra Institute, the University of Southern Denmark UAS Center (SDU UAS), and the Technical University of Denmark National Space Institute (DTU-Space).

'Above: Map of Denmark’s national UAS Test Center, established for test driving drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. (Photo courtesy of the UAS Test Center)

In addition to the Danish Pavilion, Michael Linden-Vørnle, Chief Advisor at DTU-Space, will give a presentation on ‘Drones for Arctic Surveillance and Mapping’ at the ‘Future Technology’ information sharing session held on the second day of the conference. The three research institutes will also be conducting one-on-one B2B/B2C meetings with potential Korean partners during the three days of the conference.

Martin Rune Hoxer, the Executive Director of Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul emphasised that “The National Drone Strategy of Denmark states that the government will work to establish internationally attractive test facilities in Denmark, strengthen Danish researchers’ international networks, as well as promote export and technological innovation in order to attract foreign investments in the field. We see a lot of potential for cooperation with Korea in this area and hope to meet some interesting potential partners during the Drone Show Korea 2018.”

The Danish presence at Korea’s international drone conference stems from the increase in mutual interest in each other within the drone sector. For Denmark, it comes following the government’s announcement of a “National Drone Strategy” in October 2016 that encompasses 23 initiatives for drone development, application technology research, as well as how the advancements can be applied to real-life infrastructure development through international cooperation with countries such as Korea. As a result of the strategy, a UAS Test Center was established in the Danish city of Odense in May 2017 that granted an airspace of 867 square meters for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles for test drives. The centre is currently used by SDU UAS Center for conducting research, flight tests and pilot education, and was visited by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) in October last year.

Visitors are able to pre-register online or at the venue to visit the Danish Pavilion at Drone Show Korea 2018 on Institutes and businesses can request B2B/B2C meetings with the participating Danish research institutes (Alexandra Institute, SDU UAS Center, and DTU-Space) during the convention by contacting C&P Partners at 070-7017-0125 or

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