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Innovation Centre Denmark in Korea

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Seoul is located at the Embassy of Denmark in Korea. Visit their website here:

Located in the northeast Asian power hub, the Innovation Centre in Seoul offers access to the Korean market and applied research. In 2017, ICDK’s focus areas are artificial intelligence, drone technology, smart cities, and data driven innovation.

Representing both the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our consultants facilitate networks and cooperation between you and your relevant partners within science, innovation and higher education. The purpose of the centre is to create innovation and business opportunities, and build up relations between Korean and Danish R&D intensive companies, research institutes and universities.

ICDK offers a selection of different consultancy services directed at Danish companies looking to innovate and grow through partnerships with South Korean counterparts. ICDK’s Innovation Camps provides a group of Danish companies with an opportunity to gain collective access to South Korean sources of innovation and leading networks. (For approved innovation camp applications the Trade Council funds up to 50% of the groups’ shared expenses. To be eligible for approval, an innovation camp must have a minimum of 5 companies participating.)

ICDK also offers Innovation Packages, which is a specific partner/technology/innovation search for an individual company. This is offered to companies with less 100 employees and an annual turnover of the last financial year on less than DKK 150kr, ICDK offers the Innovation Package, which consists of 50 hours of counselling, with a 50% discount of the regular hourly rate.

For further details please visit Innovation Centre Denmark’s webpage:

South Korea skyline of Seoul, The best view of South Korea with Lotte world mall at Namhansanseong Fortress. Photo Courtesy of Colourbox.