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Korean-Danish Business Network

The Korean-Danish Business Network is a networking forum open to anyone with an interest in Korean-Danish relations and business opportunities. The network is chaired by the Danish Ambassador, Mr. Thomas Lehmann.

The Korean-Danish Business Network provides a framework within which to meet, discuss and be informed of relevant trends and issues of importance to decision-makers dealing with Korean-Danish commercial ties. The network is also a key source of information on Danish society and culture as it provides all members with a short English-language newsletter (4 to 6 per year) with information about major political, societal and business-related events in Denmark.

The Korean-Danish Business Network meets approximately 6 times annually following a calendar announced in advance. The Korean-Danish business network organizes company visits, themed luncheon meetings and exclusive annual events for which corporate members may invite guests. In addition to the pre-announced events, the Korean-Danish Business Network is invited for special celebrations or occasions throughout the year that warrants a gathering on shorter notice.


Note that the Korean-Danish Business Network is open for registration at any time.

There are two types of KDBN membership:
• Corporate membership is 500,000 KRW annually and allows for alternates to participate in meetings and events as well as the possibility to invite personal guests (based on availability)
• Personal membership is 200,000 KRW annually and is limited to only yourself

Sign up by sending an email to the Embassy.

The KDBN News Letter

Download an example of the KDBN News Letter here: Newsletter winter 2019




Mr. Rasmus Bjørnø
Commercial Counsellor