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International Marriage

Please download the relevant documents about marriage to a Danish citizen in Korea at the bottom of this page.

To marry in Korea the following procedure must be followed

Fill out the form "DanishBride" or "DanishGroom" that you can download at the bottom of this page. It must be signed by the Danish citizen and certified by the Embassy. For Embassy certification, you must submit a Danish document confirming you are unmarried as well as your passport. The document can be obtained from your municipality in Denmark or the 'Folkeregister' (your married status is stated on a so-called 'bopælsattest'). 

Cost of certification by the Embassy: KRW 39,000. Payment must be made by credit card onsite. 

Go to the relevant Korean authority (any Gu, Si, Eup or Myeon Office where a marriage certificate can be issued). Here you will be asked to submit the original form certified by the Embassy with a Korean translation (you may choose to have the translation made and certified by the Embassy at an additional cost of KRW 39,000, paid with a credit card onsite).

At the Korean office you will have to fill out and submit the form “Report for Marriage (혼인 신고서)”. The marriage is thereby confirmed according to Korean law. Bring ID cards (passport for the Dane and Korean ID card for the Korean). A “Certificate of Receipt for Report for Marriage (혼인 신고 수리 증명서)” can be issued on the spot; alternatively a “Marriage Relationship Certificate (혼인 관계 증명서)” can be obtained after 5 – 7 days.

To register the marriage in Denmark

Either the “Certificate of Receipt for Report for Marriage (혼인 신고 수리 증명서)” or the “Marriage Relationship Certificate (혼인 관계 증명서)” has to be translated into English, notarized by the notary office for translation, and certified by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Service Division Tel: (02) 2100-7600).

Getting married in Denmark

For information about the documentation required of non-Danish nationals getting married in Denmark, the Embassy recommends contacting the municipality of residence or where the marriage is planned to take place. For couples residing outside Denmark planning to get married in Denmark, the Danish citizen should contact his or her municipality of last residence in Denmark for details.

Information on getting married in Copenhagen (in English) can be found on the municipality’s homepage here.

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