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Danes List

The online Danes List is the Ministry's list of Danes and Icelanders residing in Korea. The Embassy recommends Danes and Icelanders that visit or reside in Korea to register and regularly update their information on the list.

The Embassy recommends that all nationals of Denmark and Iceland that reside in or visit Korea register on the online Danes List. Registrations should be kept updated at all times to ensure that contact details are valid. The information on the list allows the Embassy to contact Danish and Icelandic nationals in case of an emergency. It is important to register your departure from Korea correctly.

Register online.

Please note that if you are a couple or a family, only one of you has to register. In the registration form you can then inform about your partner and/or family.

After the registration you will receive an email with a confirmation link. You are not registered on the list before your confirmation is done.



Embassy of Denmark

+82 2 795 4187