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Commemorative Video


The Embassy of Denmark in Korea created a commemorative video to be made celebrating 60 years of friendship and strategic partnership between Denmark and Korea as well as the 2019 Year of Culture that was designated in celebration of the diplomatic anniversary. From May 17 to May 31, 2019, the embassy’s chancery (Seoul Square building) was lit up with the commemorative video playing on the building’s media façade every night for 30 minutes. The video contains many symbolic elements: the heart flags represent the friendship between our two countries; the red and blue lines interconnecting as they flow upwards embody the slogan of the 2019 Royal Visit, “DENMARK AND KOREA: CONNECTING FUTURES”; and the opening of the traditional Korean patterns signify ushering in the new era of the future where Denmark and Korea will continue to be committed to a strong partnership. The video ends with the official logo of the 2019 Year of Culture.