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Danish robot industry introduced in The Dong-A Ilbo

19.07.2018  03:35

Last June, the major Korean daily newspaper The Dong-A Ilbo published an article about the Danish city of Odense’s profile as a key player in robotics characterised by the active collaboration among universities, companies, and the city government. The article follows the city’s boom in the shipbuilding industry in the 1970s-80s, being pushed out of the competition in the 1990s, and the decision to invest in robotics and seeking active cooperation as a measure to revive the city.

The city today has grown into a leading robotics city with the 6th highest density for robots in cities worldwide. Article: The ‘Triple Helix cooperation’ that started 26 years ago among universities, enterprises, and government made Denmark a mecca for robotics entrepreneurship’ (Korean):

The Innovation Centre Denmark in Seoul (ICDK) at the Danish Embassy offered a tailored knowledge-sharing consultancy service for The Dong-A Ilbo, aiding in organising meetings with key persons from the University of Southern Denmark and the city of Odense, respectively.


As part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Trade Council, the ICDK promotes the international collaboration and outreach of Danish SMEs, higher education institutes, and research institutes in Korea with the goal of facilitating networking and collaborations between the two countries.

Inquiries to the ICDK

Ms. Vivian Sunwoo Lee: Business development for ICT and Life Science /

Ms. Dong-ah Nikki Ko: Clean Tech, collaboration among universities/research institutes /