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The Ambassador and Denmark in the Local Media

09.07.2015  07:48

Earlier in June interviews with Ambassador Thomas Lehmann were published in three local media: health and lifestyle magazine Ramede about the Danish organic industry and dairy industry; the Korea Herald about his recent visit to North Korea; and the Kookbang Ilbo about Danish-Korean relations stemming back to the hospital ship Jutlandia during the Korean War. Read the articles below:

Ramede: (인터뷰) 유기농 산업의 선진국, ‘덴마크’로부터 배우다 (Korean)

Korea Herald: Danish ambassador discusses N.K. visit

Kookbang Ilbo: [인터뷰] 전쟁의 아픔을 함께 나누려자원해 의료선 오른 그들… (Korean)

Also, the travel magazine AB-Road featured a page on Copenhagen’s City Bike for tourists, while high-end lifestyle magazine LUXURY printed a 17-page special feature article on upcoming Danish interior design and design spots to visit. Denmark’s system for maternity and paternity leave and its high percentage of women in the workforce were reported via two articles in the Seoul Shinmun Daily.


Seoul Shinmun Daily: 동화책에서나 볼 법한… 월요일 낮, 덴마크 아빠들 모임 (Korean)

Seoul Shinmun Daily: “1~5세 누구나 육아 시설로…여성 경제참가율 76% 비결” (Korean)


Photo: AB-Road