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JOE AND THE JUICE Enters Asian Market Through Korea

27.08.2015  09:50

JOE AND THE JUICE opened its first store in Asia at the Hyundai department store in Pangyo on 21 August, 2015. The result of a partnership between Hyundai Green Food and JOE AND THE JUICE, founder and CEO Kaspar Basse said in an interview with the Embassy of Denmark in Seoul that “he is thrilled to see that the partnership is already bearing fruit,” and that the ambition is to open between 20 and 30 bars in the coming two years in Korea primarily through cooperation with Hyundai.

“We try to offer customers the same experience in stores all over the world, but we made an exception for Korea - the store here is the only JOE AND THE JUICE bar right now to have iced coffee on the menu,” Basse said, referring to Korea’s massive coffee consumption that was well noted by the Danish brand prior to its entry into the market.

JOE AND THE JUICE has gradually expanded its presence all over the world since its establishment in 2002. With the new store in Korea and its second store in Asia soon to be opened in Singapore, the Danish chain is now represented in 9 countries worldwide.