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Seoul Signs Friendship Agreements with Copenhagen and Odense

18.08.2015  07:14

The Mayor of Seoul spent Monday (11 August) in Odense where he and Mayor Anker Boye promised to cooperate on promoting tourism, exhibitions, trade fairs, and other events aimed at binding the two cities closer together. Their talks included a special focus on the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen and discussions about an Andersen Fairy Tale Park in Seoul.

Mayor Park’s visit to Copenhagen on Tuesday (12 August) included a bike ride around town and a visit to the iconic 8 House by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and was also concluded with the signing of a co-operation agreement. The focus here was on various topics ranging from promoting tourism, sports and information technology to liveability and green solutions. Discussions also included the exchange of symbolic icons representing each city, for example a copy of the Little Mermaid statue in Seoul.


Mayor Park meets Danish Ambassador Thomas Lehmann, Anke Boye Mayor of Odense, and Frank Jensen Lord Mayor of Copenhagen respectively
Photos courtesy of Mayor Park's Office