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Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world yet again

04.08.2015  10:35

In April 2015 t he UN published its World Happiness Report review ing the state of happiness in the world today. In the reports for both 2013 and 2014 Denmark was ranked as the world’s happiest nation and in 2015 Denmark came in third after Switzerland and Iceland. A number of factors are taking into account when measuring the happiness of a country, including health, family relations and job security as well as social factors such as political freedom and government corruption.

One of the reasons why Danes are among the happiest people in the world is because they have a work-life balance stemming from the short work-week of 37 hours and 5 weeks of holiday per year. Danes are known to spend their leisure time with social events and “hygge” with one another. Hygge is a Danish term for cosy gatherings with friends and family that can turn even the darkest winter day into a happy one in front of the fireplace with friends and a cup of hot chocolate.

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