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The 2nd NORDtalks event was a big success

29.04.2019  09:27

The evening’s first key note speaker, Shahab Ahmadian, Project Manager at MÄN in Sweden, talked about the code of masculinity from the male perspective. He emphasized that if boys and men want to be a part of the change in gender norms and perceptions, they have to change the way they see themselves and the way they understand the world, and encouraged everyone to join the effort in redefining masculinity.

The second key note speaker, Jaakko Kuosmanen, Ph.D. and Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki in Finland gave his take on how societal experimentation can help solve some of the biggest problems of modern society. Using basic income as an example, he explained how bold solutions can ultimately lead to happiness... if people are not afraid to fail. The professor said Finland might be the happiest country in the world because it cultivates a strong culture of experimentation.

The NORDtalks concluded with a sofa session between the three speakers, Danish Ambassador Thomas Lehmann, and the Swedish Ambassador Jakob Hallgren. The session was moderated by the Finnish Business Development Manager and TV personality, Petri Kalliola. The second ever NORDtalks ended with a great success, and the Nordic embassies look forward to continuing the discussions online. Use these hashtags to join the discussion: #NORDtalks #TracesofNorth #TheNordics #북유럽 #노드토크