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Danish woman runs 366 marathons in one year

18.07.2013  06:52

Running one marathon of 42.195 kilometres might seem overwhelming to most, but the 41-year-old Dane Annette Fredskov completed her 366th marathon within one year on Sunday 14 July. To finish off her impressive accomplishment and take the world record, she completed two marathons on Sunday. This means that she has run 15.443 km in a year, which corresponds to the distance between Copenhagen and Sydney in Australia.

Fredskov decided to start running marathons despite a schlerosis diagnosis, since she wanted to find out what the human body is able to accomplish and at the same time tackle her illness with lots of exercise and positive thinking.

During her experiment she has received large international attention, and has among other been interviewed by Fox News, CNN and Daily Mail.

See Annette Fredskov’s interview with CNN here.


Annette Fredskov - Photo: