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Denmark co-sponsors new resolution imposing historically strict sanctions on North Korea

08.03.2013  04:01

Yesterday, a unanimous UN Security Council approved resolution 2094, imposing one of the strictest sanctions regimes the world has ever seen on North Korea. Denmark, as a strategic partner to South Korea and an active member in the United Nations Command, co-sponsored the resolution.

In connection with the new UN Security Council resolution, the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Villy Søvndal states:

- “In an era where nuclear states are reducing and limiting their arsenals and the international community works to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the North Korean regime finds itself in a parallel universe with conspiracy theories, enemy images and threats that belong in the cold war era.”

- “Therefore, I am pleased that China and the United States have proposed a resolution, which was approved today with the support of a united Security Council. It is a strong and historically wide-ranging resolution, which strengthens the sanctions towards the North Korean regime and will make it more difficult to develop the nuclear weapons program that poses a serious threat to international peace and security.”

- “Denmark has decided to co-sponsor the resolution because we want to emphasize the international community’s resolve towards North Korea and show the North Korean regime that their continuous provocations have consequences. With the adoption of the new resolution, we have imposed one of the most extensive sanction regimes on North Korea that the UN has ever imposed on any country. The message cannot be misinterpreted.”

- “It has been 60 years since the Korean War ended with the Armistice Agreement – and there are no indications that North Korea truly wants peace. I strongly recommend North Korea to engage in constructive dialogue with the South Korean government, recommence the 6-party talks on denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula and to improve the lives of the long-suffering North Korean population.”

FACTS about Denmark’s participation in United Nations Command

  • Denmark is one of 16 sending states under the United Nations Command which remain active till this day.  Two Danish officers have been permanently posted to the UNC since April 2009 – one at the Yongsan Army Base in Seoul and one in the Demilitarized Zone.
  •  Danish officers have participated in the bi-annual joint military exercises since August 2010.
  • Currently four Danish officers are in South Korea to participate in the joint military exercise, Key Resolve 2013, which ends 22 March. 
  • Denmark initially participated in the Korean War with the support of a hospital ship off the coast of Busan. The hospital ship ‘Jutlandia’ was equipped with state of the art equipment and during its three missions from 10 March 1951 to October, 1953, the medical staff treated 5000 UN soldiers and, as the only medical support unit, 6000 civilians.