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NATO's Parliamentary Committee visits Seoul

21.09.2018  04:48

This week NATO’s Parliamentary Committee visited Seoul to attend at a number of bilateral meetings and site visits.

With the the Embassy of Denmark being the NATO contact Embassy in Korea, Ambassador Thomas Lehmann had the pleasure of receiving the committee at an informal ambassadorial roundtable and a welcome briefing in the Danish Ambassador’s Residence. The respective ambassadors of Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, and France attended and added their perspectives on the current security situation on the Korean Peninsula to the briefing.

The embassy also hosted the NATO committee at a meeting with OHCHR Seoul Office Representative Signe Poulsen, who briefed the participants on the human rights situation in North Korea drawing on information provided by North Korean defectors. Among the topics discussed were the status of women and children, hereditary sanctioning, the control of information, and the complexities related to keeping the regime isolated from external influence in an era characterized by unavoidable technological advancement.

The visit programme included visits to the War Memorial of Korea, the National Assembly, the ASAN Institute, and the DMZ, and other elements.


** Ambassador Thomas Lehmann holds welcome briefing at the Danish Residence


** Signe Poulsen from OHCHR briefs the Committee on the human rights situation in North Korea in the Embassy’s new external meeting room