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Funding Guide

General Funding Guide

The Funding Guide provides an overview of funding opportunities for researchers with particular interest in mobility or collaboration between Denmark and South Korea. The guide contains information about funding schemes for mobility, research and innovation.
This funding guide is aimed at researchers based on institutions and companies working or looking for a research collaboration between Denmark and South Korea.

Please note that the Korean funding sources included in this guide are explicitly targeted towards international researchers and research collaboration where Danish partner/s can be the driving force in establishing new partnerships. Many other South Korean research funding schemes also allow for internationalisation, however, the lead applicant always needs to be a South Korean national. 

The funding guide is not an exhaustive overview of all current funding opportunities for collaboration between Denmark and South Korea. It provides an overview of all the opportunities identified and currently deemed relevant by Innovation Center Denmark in Seoul.

> A General Funding Guide is available in pdf version here

Contents of the 2019 General Funding Guide

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