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Social Security Agreement

On 1 September 2011, a Social Security Agreement between Denmark and the Republic of Korea came into force.

Danish nationals who are ported to work in the Republic of Korea for no more than 5 years will continue to be eligible for Danish pension while in the Republic of Korea. The agreement also ensures that Danish and Korean citizens can apply for early retirement or pension from the Republic of Korea.

Social security while working in the Republic of Korea

If you are sent by your Danish employer to work in the Republic of Korea for 5 years or less, you will continue to be covered by the Danish laws on social security. This means that during your stay, you will continue to build your Danish pension and ATP, and you and your employer will be exempt from paying pension in the Republic of Korea. This agreement applies for deployment periods beginning on 1 September 2011 or later. If you have been sent to the Republic of Korea shortly before 1 September 2011, you can still apply to be included in the new Danish rules on social security.

The application form can be found by following the link on the bottom of this page.

Danish pension in the Republic of Korea

From the 1 September 2011, it is possible to apply for early retirement and pension if you live in the Republic of Korea. This is conditional to you being Danish or Korean, who from the age of 15, have lived in Denmark for at least 3 years. If you are a citizen of the Republic of Korea, you must have lived at least 3 years in Denmark and worked at least 12 months in Denmark.

Korean pension in Denmark

This agreement makes it possible to receive a Korean pension in Denmark. If you want to have your Korean pension paid in Denmark, please contact your county or pension board. After this, the Republic of Korea's authorities will process your application. 


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