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Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) in Seoul is located at the Embassy of Denmark in Korea.

Located in the northeast Asian power hub, the Innovation Centre in Seoul offers access to the Korean market and applied research.


Who are we? 
Representing both the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Centre Denmark Seoul provides tailor-made counselling, assistance and inspiration to Danish start-ups, SMEs, corporations, researchers and research institutions that wish to create innovation and carry out research and development by accessing the relevant knowledge hubs in South Korea. 


What We Offer
For SMEs, ICDK Seoul can offer the following subsidies. 

Definition of SME in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Trade Council is as follows:

Maximum of 250 employees
No more than DKK 357 million turnover per year

Apply for tailored services for strengthening and creating your global profile. We help you build strategic partnerships and business models, as well as identify challenges, business opportunities, shortcomings and optimised decision making paths for going global.

Accumulate knowledge and generate innovative ideas through collaborative projects between South Korean and Danish Partners. We offer services related to research and higher education with a focus on talent scouting, new technology, market opportunities and research that can lead to innovation and new market opportunities. 

Learn the necessary tools to scale your business, products and organisation. We make this possible through tailor-made camps and workshops with an introduction of how to organise events and plan your visits in South Korea. Our solid experience in the Korean market will help guide you through a steep learning curve covering funding or navigating the start-up ecosystem. 

We offer services for your company or organisation to have soft-landing in South Korea. If you are looking to establish a presence in the South Korean market or seeking strategic alliances with South Korean partners, you can sign up for our virtual or physical incubator programme - an easy way to establish presence in the market. 

Are you our next incubate?

ICDK recruits companies for our incubation facility at the Embassy of Denmark in the heart of Seoul. This unique location provides easy access to ICDK's services and consultants ready to assist you with either a virtual contact point or physical space such as offices, facilities and meeting rooms. 

Contact Us

Ditte Rønde Veise

Head of Innovation Centre

Tel.: (+82) 2 6363 4819

Mail: [email protected]

LinkedIn: @ditteveise


Inie Nør Madsen

Innovation and Research Counsellor

Tel.: (+82) 2 6363 4842

Mail: [email protected]

LinkedIn: @Inienørmadsen