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Green Embassy

On 1 October, 2010 the Embassy of Denmark in Korea launched the “Green Embassy Initiative” to reduce the Embassy's energy consumption and become more sustainable.

The Embassy of Denmark in Korea strives to be green in its daily work and is part of the "Green Embassy Network", a network of Danish embassies all over the world with the aim of making the missions more sustainable and to promote green solutions abroad.

The Embassy launched the Green Embassy Initiative in 2010 with a Green Code of Conduct that encourages staff to turn off lights, air conditioners, and other electronics when not in use. In addition to the code, the Embassy changed all lights to LED lights, windows to double-glazed windows, and installed hand-dryer machines instead of using paper towels.

See below for the Embassy's Energy Saving Plan, an overview of Green Measures, and the Codes of Conduct.


Henrik Silkjær Nielsen

Deputy Head of Mission, Political Counsellor
+82 2 6363 4802
[email protected]