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Funding Guide

Seeking Funding for Danish-Korean Collaborations?

We offer direct assistance for funding and contributions to collaboration opportunities between Korea and Denmark. Our team provides expert advice and support to identify and secure the best funding options for your specific needs. Whether you're in academia or industry, looking to initiate or expand a Denmark-South Korea research collaboration, reach out to us.

Our insights are tailored to help companies and researchers, especially where Danish partners play a key role in new partnerships.

Contact us to explore the most suitable funding opportunities for your project!

For more information, questions and dialogue please contact:


Ditte Rønde Veise

Executive Director

Tel.: (+82) 2 6363 4844

Mail: [email protected]



Inie Nør Madsen

Science and Innovation Attaché

Tel.: (+82) 2 6363 4842

Mail: [email protected]