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Benefits of the FTA for Exporters

Danish exporters that wish to benefit from the tariff reductions and eliminations under the EU-Korea FTA must be able to document that the goods exported to Korea originate from within the EU. The EU-Korea FTA establishes the so-called ‘rules of origin’. Note that these depend on the type of goods in question.

Exporters, whose total exports to Korea in a given year does not exceed EUR 6.000 (approx. DKK 45.600), must enclose a declaration of origin with the shipment. The exporter must use the exact text of the declaration found in appendix III on p. 1411 of the above link. The text may be rendered in any of the official EU languages, including Danish as in the linked document.

Exporters, whose total exports in a given year exceed EUR 6.000 (approx. DKK 45.600), must apply for and obtain an authorisation as an ‘approved exporter’. Exporters apply to the Danish Tax and Customs Authorities (SKAT) for an ‘approved exporter’ status, which allows exporters to issue declarations of origin that contain an authorisation number to be enclosed with shipments. Exporters may apply for authorisation in a similar fashion as for other free trade agreements by filling in and submitting this form.

The application form must be sent to:
Toldekspedition Padborg
Toldbodvej 8
6330 Padborg

Or by Email: 
[email protected]

For further information, please refer to the Danish Tax Authorities’ (SKAT) homepage.

For general comments and questions concerning the EU-Korea FTA and its implementation, the European Commission has created an e-mail address, which individual companies are invited to consult: [email protected].