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Regional Cooperation

In order to ease access and increase visibility, the Danish Embassies and Trade Council offices in South Korea and Japan have established a regional collaboration, allowing you easier access to expertise, knowledge and coordination of activities. Contact the Trade Council in Seoul or Tokyo to get more information about the regional collaboration and the opportunities for your company.

South Korea and Japan have grown into key export markets and offer a wide range of business opportunities for Danish companies.

Japan is currently the world's fourth largest economy and South Korea the thirteenth largest, with a combined GDP of $5.94 trillion. South Korea and Japan together represent a crucial market for Danish companies now and in the future. 

The common denominator for South Korea and Japan is that they are both traditional societies that are now taking on many initiatives to transform, modernise and digitise. After the elections in South Korea and Japan in 2022, the pressure for green transformation is only increased. South Korea has recently set a target for South Korea's carbon emissions to be reduced by 40% by 2030. Similarly, Japan has set targets to reduce carbon emission by 46% before 2030 and an ambitious goal to become a carbon-neutral society by 2050.

With the region's high GDP, a skilled knowledge and talent pool, and a high-income population, South Korea and Japan are sophisticated and quality-conscious markets, thus matching the skills of many Danish businesses. Moreover, economic reforms and opening of economies through free trade agreements have made it even more attractive and advantageous for Danish companies to operate in the two markets. Both countries have liberal Foreign Direct Investment Laws and good IPR protection in place and offer attractive investment environment for foreign investors. The region is a commercial bridge to neighbouring countries in Asia as well as trendsetter for consumers in South East Asia.


Reach out to the Trade Council offices in Tokyo and Seoul:

Head of Trade Section in the Embassy in Seoul, South Korea
Joachim Arup Fischer

Head of Trade Section in the Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Dinna Aamand Hansen

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