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Regional Cooperation

The Trade Sections at the Danish Embassies in Japan and Korea have established a regional cooperation in 2015, securing an easy access to two high-end markets in the North East Asian region.  

Why do business in Japan and Korea?

- Danish export to the two markets has exceeded 21.5 billion DKK in 2019 and is growing.

- South Korea and Japan, as a whole, has a large population of around 180 million summed together.

- The markets are among the wealthiest in the Asian region – the purchasing power offers rich opportunities for consumer products.

- The markets are among the best developed in Asia and with large industry clusters in Automotive, Machinery, Marine, IT & Electronics etc., so Danish companies offering any technology, software, product or targeting such industries have great potential.

- A comprehensive free trade agreement exists between the EU and Korea and a similar agreement between the EU and Japan is on the way.

- Both countries have liberal Foreign Direct Investment Laws and good IPR protection in place and offer attractive investment environment for foreign investors.

- The education level, especially among the younger generation, is at a similar or higher level than EU countries.

- The region is a commercial bridge to neighbouring countries in Asia as well as trendsetter for consumers in South East Asia.

In order to ease access and increase visibility, the Danish Embassies and Trade Council offices in these markets have formed the Regional Co-operation,  allowing you easier access and coordination of activities.
Feel free to contact any of the below colleagues:

Korea Japan
Lifestyle and Retail

Ms. Julia Yeryung Kim

[email protected]

Ms. Miho Yoshimoto

[email protected]

Food, Agriculture & Fisheries

 Ms. Nahee Kim

[email protected]

Mr. Masayuki Yamaguchi

[email protected] 

Energy & Environment

Ms. Jiyeon Shim

[email protected]

Ms. Michelle Kyungin Park

[email protected]

Ms. Izumi Tanaka

[email protected]

Life Science and Health


Ms. Jaemi Lee

[email protected]

Mr. Peter Takizawa Ahlenius

[email protected]

ICT, Defence,  Marine & Offshore
Company establishments

Mr. Ethan Young Sik Kim

[email protected]

For other inquires, please contact:
Head of Trade Section at the Embassy in Seoul, Korea
Rasmus Bjørnø, email: [email protected]

Head of Trade Section at the Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Thomas Højlund Christensen, email: [email protected]