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Driving permit in Korea

If your stay in Korea is less than 90 days, you need to hold both your Danish driving license and your International Driving Permit to rent a car and drive in Korea. Danish representations could assist with the application for International Driving Permit but the processing time is approximately 5 – 6 weeks.


If you are residing (Stays for more than 90 days) in Korea, you could have the Danish driving license converted for a Korean driving license. To read more about the application for converting of driving license, please visit the Korea Road Traffic Authority homepage.


Please note that the Embassy certificate of Danish driving license is issued based on the declaration received from the Danish Road Traffic Authority (Færdselsstyrelsen). Therefore, the applicant needs to contact the Færdselsstyrelsen by digital post and request for the declaration of driving license in English prior to visiting the Embassy.


Please also specifically request the authority to send a copy of the declaration to the Embassy’s email: [email protected].


The subject in the email should read “Bekræftelse af kørekort" (Confirmation of driving licence).


If the applicant is exempted from digital post, and thus cannot send via e-Boks or, the request should be sent to [email protected].

The request should include the applicant's name and contact details, including current postal address.



When the declaration is received, the applicant visits the Embassy with the declaration, passport and their Danish driving license. The Embassy will issue a certificate with a consular fee of 43.000KRW (cards only).