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International Marriage

How to register marriage in Korea


Before you start the process, please make sure to contact the local district office (Gu-Cheong) you will register your marriage for information regarding documents needed to register your marriage in Korea.


One of the documents that is required at the local district office would be an Affidavit of eligibility for marriage (혼인요건 증명서) certified by the Embassy. In order to obtain an Affidavit from the Embassy, Danish bride/ bridegroom must submit a Certificate of marital status (Bopælsattest) stating that you are single status in the Danish civil registry.


How to order a certificate of martial status


You order the certificate of marital status digitally.

Remember to use NemID. You can pay for the certificate by Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro and MobilePay.


Steps for registering marriage in Korea

  1. Danish citizen must bring a valid Danish passport and a Certificate of marital status to the Embassy. The Embassy will review the Certificate of marital status of the Danish bride/ Danish bridegroom and certify the Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage. The fee for this service is 43.000 KRW. Only the Danish citizen needs to come to the Embassy for this step in the process.
  2. Translate the certified Affidavit in Korean and make sure to include the name, signature and the date of the translator.
  3. Both the bride and the bridegroom visit the local district office with the Affidavit and the translation along with the other documents required by the local district office to register your marriage.
  4. The local district office will issue the following:
  • a filing receipt on the day of report;
  • a verification certificate, which has similar effect as the Korean marriage certificate(3~5 days required); or
  • marriage certificate (family register), issued when the marriage is between a Korean citizen and a foreign resident alien (7 days required).

** Please note:  For a marriage between two foreigners, the verification certificate will be issued on the same day.


How to register marriage in Denmark

For information about the documentation required to getting married in Denmark, the Embassy advise you to contact the municipality of residence or where the marriage is planned to take place.

Information on getting married in Copenhagen (in English) can be found on the municipality’s homepage here.